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Featuring the a2 Milk® RDN Expert Ambassadors

Hi there!

Welcome to the latest feature of the a2 Milk® community — Coffee Chat with your nutrition experts!

You will hear from some of the most esteemed registered dietitian nutritionists and other health care professionals all over the US!

A few things we’ll promise you:

1.  We’ll talk to you like we’re friends.

Yep, let’s consider this our “coffee chat” and all information will be in an easily digestible format (no pun intended!)

We’re opening up and will be discussing subject matter or all sorts! Coffee Chat is a place for light-hearted, engaging conversations, where we’ll  look forward to hearing back from you all with any thought or questions on what you’d like to know more about.

2.  It’s based on science!

Health Experts

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. This is a safe place, which all the information is based on science and translated by nutrition experts!

 3.  We’ll answer your questions.

Sure, we know what WE want to tell you about, but again, we want this to be interactive! Be sure to submit your burning nutrition questions here so we can make this beneficial for you… Think of it as your personal RDN!

To kick this off, we’ve also enlisted the help of RDN ambassadors. You’ll meet our first one next week, but in the meantime, it’s important you know who’s running this ship.

Meet Bonnie Johnson, MS, RDN

Bonnie Johnson RDN

Bonnie is Vice President of Scientific Affairs for The a2 Milk Company.

The main reason Bonnie’s an a2 Milk® convert is that her daughter struggles with A1 protein digestion and the only way for her to tolerate milk again was by consuming a2 Milk®. As an RDN, Bonnie knew the importance of dairy in her child’s diet, and took it upon herself over 10 years ago (before a2 Milk® was even in the US) to do her research. Lo and behold, just a few years down the line Bonnie would be leading the scientific activation for this company! So, rest easy knowing you’re in great hands.

Read more about Bonnie here.

Thanks for joining us today! Let’s cheers to a wonderful 2017!


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