Humane Dairy Certification

Very Important Cow (V.I.C)

More than ever before, consumers want reassurance the dairy products they consume are produced on farms where animals are raised and treated humanely.

We love our cows and treat each of them as a V.I.C. All a2 Milk@ in the United States is Animal Welfare Certified by Validus. The humane treatment of animals is of the utmost importance to all global a2 Milk CompanyTM brands.

We work with sustainable family farmers. All of our farms are certified for the humane treatment of animals. We guarantee that our cows are not treated with growth hormones or rBST and our milk is antibiotic free. They’re never given added hormones, and are fed an all vegetarian, plant-based diet.

Certified by Validus

The Dairy Animal Welfare Review Program by Validus has been approved as a USDA Process Verified Program. This program designation is designed to assure customers of a consistent, quality product or service through independent, third-party audits. The USDA Process Verified Program uses ISO 9000 type standards for evaluating quality management systems for their approved programs. To qualify, a company must submit a documented quality management system and successfully pass extensive onsite audits and customer interviews.

Validus regularly inspects our farms and certifies each of our dairy farms are treating our cows like a V.I.C. Animal Welfare Review Certification is awarded to farms (such as a2 Milk@ Farms) that follow stringent animal welfare guidelines. Farms that receive animal welfare certification undergo a detailed assessment and audit of their on-farm animal welfare practices. Certification is awarded to farms which demonstrate compliance with the animal welfare criteria and standards established for their operation, including:

  • Humane animal handling and management
  • Herd health procedures and care
  • Food and water quality standards
  • Housing that promotes animal comfort and cleanliness
  • Proper management of special needs animals

Look for the Certification


To ensure you’re buying products certified by Validus such as a2 Milk@ – you can find the Validus animal welfare certification seal on each carton of a2 Milk@ we sell. When you see the Validus certification logo on your carton of a2 Milk@, you will be assured a2 Milk@ is a Validus Animal Welfare Certified product.

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