Our farms

What makes a2 Milk® special?
Our cows, of course.

Our farmers and their cows are the  heart of The a2 Milk Company™.

We work with a number of local family farmers to identify and certify a2 Milk producing cows in their existing herds that naturally produce milk containing only the pure A2 protein type and no A1 protein.

Our True a2™ pledge is all our milk is completely free from growth hormones, rBST, antibiotics and has no artificial ingredients or additives.

Our farmers ensure the cows are milked separately to ensure the milk we deliver to you is just natural, pure and delicious cows’ milk.

Prairieland Dairy

Prairieland Dairy believes in providing great conditions for their cows to make milk the way nature intended. Sustainable from soil to compost, responsibly raised animals and a farm managed with family values create the ideal conditions to bring the freshest, highest quality, most perfect milk to your table.

Located just southeast of Lincoln, Nebraska, Prairieland Dairy sits on a beautiful farm outside the small town of Firth. With more than a thousand cows, Prairieland is a different kind of dairy farm, one where you can immediately taste a family’s dedication to the dairy process in a single sip of their milk.

Prairieland’s dedication to sustainability and creating the ideal conditions to produce the most perfect milk starts with the soil. Healthy dairy milk products can be traced back to the feed the cows eat and ultimately the soil that grows the feed. Fertile, living soil is full of earthworms and microscopic creatures called microbes and you can bet the Prairieland fields are filled with both.

The a2 Milk Company™ is proud to be working with Prairieland Dairy to produce delicious a2 Milk®. 

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