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People around the country are discovering the benefits and delicious taste of a2 Milk®… Read how they fell in love with milk again.

Deepti’s Story

I was born and brought up in India and has been drinking “real” milk since my childhood. I never had any problems drinking milk in India because we used to get fresh milk from grass-fed cows every morning from a well-trusted dairy farm next door.

However, once I moved to the US in 2013, I started having stomach problems after drinking milk, no matter which brand and milk I tried (organic, grass fed, whole, 2%, 1% etc). I stopped drinking milk and I was obviously not happy about it.

Luckily, I noticed a2 Milk® in a local grocery store and read about it. The details mentioned on caught my attention, so I thought of trying it and since then I have never stopped drinking a2 Milk®. It has never caused me any stomach problems, it really tastes well and it reminds of the milk I used to drink in my childhood in India.

Thanks for making this discovery Dr. Corran McLachlan and kudos to the a2 Milk® company for bringing this milk to the public.

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