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Fiona's a2 Milk story

Fiona’s story

After 2 years of no sleep and tantrums with our third child who was supposed to be easy but such hard work, the day I started her on A2 she slept in the afternoon! (big surprise) and then all night long, night after night, my husband and I were counting up how many days in a row. So we assumed this little happy child was happy for once because she had finally slept.

Then yesterday I ran out of A2 for the morning bottle and thought no big deal if she has normal milk for one bottle. Oh boy was I wrong! Constant tantrums, crying, clingy, fought all day long with me – even kicking me when I tried to change her, scratching my face when i picked her up etc.

So that’s it – no more milk except A2 in our house!!!! (I think you’ll understand my gratitude when I told my friend after a 3 full nights sleep in a row that I was going to drive up to your house and thank you personally for making my life normal again!) Thank you, thank you, thank you and I feel good we are all having something not modified but a milk which is the same as our grandparents used to drink, proper milk. Thank you again. VERY pleased my ‘GOOD A2′ daughter woke up this morning!

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