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Others have shared their experiences with us after learning about the effects of the A1 protein and trying out a2 Milk®… See what they had to say in the stories shared below!

Vicky's a2 Milk story

Vicky’s story


My acne has started to clear up – something I was not expecting at all! I’m 33 and have had big, painful spots on my chin and back since I was a teenager; I’ve also had sensitive, dry, itchy skin. That seems to have just cleared up out of the blue since I switched to A2 Milk. I honestly thought I was just a spotty person with sensitive skin, and was just sort of resigned to getting breakouts from time to time. The spots are still there, but they’re nowhere near as bad as they were and I’ve found I don’t need to smother myself in moisturiser every morning now either. I can’t imagine going back to “normal” milk now that I’ve discovered that such a simple change – and something that involves no effort, no getting used to taste or texture – can have made such a big difference! I’m saving money on all the lotions and potions I used to buy for my skin too!


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