Lactose intolerance
fact or fiction?

You may be sensitive to the A1 protein found in most milk today.

Love milk, but milk doesn’t love you?

Do you experience issues when drinking milk? Maybe you feel bloated and uncomfortable after breakfast, or discomfort when you have milk in your coffee? Lots of people feel the same – in fact, one in four Americans say they experience side effects after drinking milk.

Many people assume they’re lactose intolerant without testing for lactose intolerance and avoid dairy altogether. But research suggests that only about 5-7% of these cases can be attributed to lactose intolerance.

For many Americans, their dairy intolerance or lactose intolerance symptoms could be the result of an intolerance to the A1 protein that’s in most cows’ milk sold in the US today.

How can a2 Milk® help…

The cows make all the difference! We work directly with our farmers to hand-select their herds by testing each cow, checking that it produces milk with only the A2 protein and no A1. The result? Deliciously fresh a2 Milk® every day. So, if you’ve experienced some issues as a result of the A1 protein, you too can now enjoy the nutritional benefits of real and natural cows’ milk.

Not all cows’ milk is the same

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